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Representative Matters

Many of the most successful representations in the criminal defense arena are those that are resolved quietly, without the glare of public headlines or the formality of a courtroom. When trial is necessary, however, Ms. Flannery brings experience and determination to the courtroom.

Recent matters include representation of...

  • Senior Department of Justice employee in investigation by the Department of Justice-Office of Inspector General

  • Former public official in tax and bank fraud prosecution resulting in dismissal of all bank fraud and conspiracy charges

  • Targeted individuals in various mortgage fraud and TARP fraud investigations

  • Pharmaceutical research company in grand jury and internal investigations

  • Executive vice-president of pharmaceutical manufacturer in investigation of potential Food & Drug Act violations

  • Certified Public Accountant in bank and tax fraud prosecution resulting in below-guidelines sentence

  • Defendant in tax and securities class action fraud prosecution resulting in partial dismissal of charges and below-guidelines sentence

  • Targeted individuals in two antitrust bid-rigging investigations, both resulting in no criminal charges

  • Licensed health care professional in criminal prosecution concerning Medicare billings

  • Defendant acquitted in federal jury trial on multiple armed bank robbery charges carrying a 32-year mandatory minimum prison term

  • Defendant acquitted in federal jury trial of all charges arising from a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation

Experience through the decades...

In the 1980's, the prosecution of government contract fraud was a top Department of Justice priority. As an associate with a major Chicago law firm, Ms. Flannery was a core member of the team that successfully defended General Dynamics in a prominent prosecution arising from the government's ill-fated DIVAD/Sgt. York procurement. She helped conduct an extensive internal investigation in response to a Defense Contract Audit Agency report, prepared and represented dozens of witnesses during grand jury proceedings and, after charges were brought against the company and its officers, helped coordinate a joint defense with counsel for individual defendants. Ultimately, the indictment was dismissed before trial.

During the savings and loan crisis of the early 1990's, the Financial Institution Reform and Recovery Enforcement Act (FIRREA) strengthened criminal statutes and increased resources for the prosecution of financial institution fraud.  As a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia, Ms. Flannery specialized during this period in the investigation and prosecution of bank fraud. She organized and led a tri-state Bank Fraud Working Group comprised of federal and state prosecutors, investigators and regulators from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware in order to share information, expertise and resources. She was quoted in the Wall Street Journal concerning a more recent application of FIRREA.

Civil rights prosecutions are typically difficult and challenging cases. In 1997, Ms. Flannery successfully led the investigation, prosecution, trial and conviction of eight prison guards at Delaware County Prison who had engaged in unwarranted beatings of inmates.

The decade of the 2000's brought an unprecedented intermingling of civil, criminal, and regulatory "hammers" to the investigation and prosecution of securities fraud and other financial and corporate crimes. Justice Department policy and state investigative policies essentially forced investigated companies and their employees in many instances to forfeit their 5th Amendment rights and waive attorney-client privilege. Concerned by these developments, Ms. Flannery pioneered and taught a law school course on the Law of Investigations, which explored criminal, private and regulatory investigations and the interplay among them.


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