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About The Practice

Ms. Flannery's practice focuses on the representation of individuals and business entities in every facet of federal criminal investigation and prosecution. The boutique nature of the practice ensures experienced and efficient attention to each matter.

Defense of criminal investigations and prosecutions

Representation may be initiated due to a government inquiry or a grand jury investigation and may ultimately involve a trial, dismissal, appeal, plea or other resolution. The best interest of the client is always paramount in determining the appropriate course of action.

Clients may be faced with situations such as the following:

  • The client has received a subpoena to testify or produce documents before a federal grand jury. The client may or may not be the focus of the investigation. Representation begins with an effort to ascertain whether the client is a subject or target of the investigation. The representation may be as straightforward as assisting the client in complying with the subpoena, or involve a more complex navigation of the federal criminal process.

  • A federal agent has questioned or sought to question the client, or a client's property has been searched. The client may or may not be a subject or target of the investigation. The focus of the representation is to protect the client's interests while determining whether and how to respond.

  • The client has been arrested on a federal criminal complaint or charged in a federal indictment, or has received a "target letter." Prompt and effective representation by knowledgeable counsel is imperative. Federal criminal cases proceed much more rapidly than most civil cases. Time is of the essence in evaluating the matter and providing dedicated representation throughout the criminal process. The implications of a federal indictment or conviction upon a client's professional or regulatory status must be considered.

  • The client is an executive or employee of a corporation that is under investigation for possible violations of federal law. The individual's interests may or may not be compatible with the corporation's interests, and it is important for the individual to have independent legal advice.

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Internal investigations

A related aspect of the practice involves the internal investigation of suspected wrongdoing within business entities.

A business entity may be advised to conduct an internal investigation for many reasons, including a government investigation, whistleblower allegations, or legal concerns about an internal discovery of potential wrongdoing. In order to enhance the effectiveness and credibility of the internal investigation, it is frequently desirable for independent counsel to be retained to oversee the internal investigation. When appropriate, specialists such as forensic accountants or former federal agents may be utilized to assist in an investigation.

Clients may be faced with situations such as the following:

  • A regulatory or law enforcement agency has raised questions about the propriety of actions taken by an individual or a corporation. Conduct that is the subject of a regulatory audit can also become the subject of a criminal investigation. Consultation with an attorney knowledgeable in the field of federal criminal law may be an important component in the response to federal civil and regulatory investigations.

  • Corporate management has become aware of internal allegations of illegal activity. An internal investigation may be necessary to detect and eliminate wrongdoing. Appropriate handling of the investigation can minimize potential criminal exposure on the part of the corporation.

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